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Wally's "Wronka Toy"
78 Tracker

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somewhere to start Wally grinding bits off the frame.
(great legs Wally)
Fitting the tank Beginning to assemble More assembly


Early attempt with low pipes... ...and number plate

    Welp I’m updating my story about “The Wronka Toy”. Went to the 750 pistons, number 1 grind cam from Webcams.  Bob B. did the pistons and head work for me. I installed custom cam covers from Mule Motorcycles, about forty-five dollars shipped to your door.

    Also installed new front rotor from Michael “Mercury” Morse, new brake pads front and rear also from Michael. Here is a picture of the semi floater
    We also installed the new oil filter kit from UMMM. This is a must have to protect your motor IMHO. Here is a picture installed on the bike.
    Sending you a picture of the TOFB “The Old Fat Bastard” just incase you forgot what I looked like. My son WW2 took these today after I came in from a ride.
   Here is another picture of the Tracker I took today Doonie.
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