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My name is Tuco (Steve Jacobs).

My bike is a 1972 XS2 chopper. I've always loved choppers and Art cars, so I'm combining my two passions in my bike.     I'm going to be building a wood coffin sidecar car for it very soon.  I've named the bike "Boneshaker" to go along with the skull/coffin/rigid frame theme.   I got the name from those old bicycles with the giant front wheel and with the small back wheel  My bike had no front brakes on it when I purchased it (for $100).  I like dual disk brakes on choppers, plus I could use the extra stopping power for the sidecar.


I've got a skull-shaped headlight housing and matching
skull tail lights that I'll be adding soon.


It's covered in pennies.  It has a chopper teardrop gas tank.  The gas caps are giant coin replicas.   It's got "ape hanger" handlebars, and a solo seat mounted to the frame. The rear shocks were replaced with solid struts to lower it and make it rigid.  I'm going to make it an "official" rigid (I've got a hardtail frame on the way).


I also have a 1979 Lincoln Continental Town Car.  It's covered in pennies (about 45,000 of them).  It has flames on the front made out of nickels.  Giant bull horns were mounted on the roof above the windshield.   And I made huge fins on the rear.  It's called "Wealth & Hell-Being"

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