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The pictures here are of my 1983 Heritage Special, 'Betsy".   I bought this as a beater in 1999.   I managed to drive her home without incident and soon commenced to tinker away.   Tank redone by my friend Bob Dischert in Ft. Lauderdale.   The rest done and redone by me.   With the help of members of this list, Mike's XS and a very tolerant wife, small miracles took place and sometimes the old bike would even start and run. I named her Betsy; as I approached her with the words "Bet she won't start today dammit".   'Betshe' gradually became Betsy.

This bike is still a work in progress, but not much is left to do, so Betsy needs a companion bike. We're looking.

This bike runs pretty well nowadays, though it's a true FL bike and doesn't cotton to the cold. Next to my '76 Bonneville (on its best day) and my old '73 Kaw H1 (in the day and at that tender age) this bike is the most fun on two wheels I've ever had. No contest!


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