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Hi Doonie,
Well where to start?    I brought the 79 XS Special in July 2005.   It was in pretty good nick.   The electrics were the pits but a complete new rewiring loom fixed that, then we started.   Off came the back end and in went one of Mikes XS swing arm needle bearing conversion kits, off with the old shocks and on with new Gas shockies ex MikesXS, new chain,sprocket,rear guard and all rubber grommets plus chrome nuts and bolts replaced, rear brake completely rebuilt and back end done.
Front end.   Wheel, forks, brakes, light, handle bar, off.    Brakes rebuilt and lines replaced, forks polished and Performance progressive wound front fork springs added along with all seals, new front guard and fork brace, steering head bearings replaced, steering dampers replaced, and a new OEM master cylinder assembly replaced, finished that part of the XS.   A new light with a blue bulb, two new and I mean brand new OEM switch blocks, clutch and brake levers, foam grips, rubber covers and cables all replaced with new and two
new mirrors.   Front Done.   Man is the cost mounting up.  I'm doing heaps of overtime to pay the ever increasing cost.   I wish I had shares in Mikes XS.   Now for the want of a better word the guts of the XS.   We take all covers off the motor.   All polished (sore skin-less fingers) but well worth the results.   Every nut and bolt is replaced or polished; that job took 32 hours all up.   The fuel tank and the side covers are painted and they look fantastic.    Two pot plus heaps of marine clear coat (boy that stuff is tuff and costs a mint) but as the bloke painting them showed us, a coin could not scratch it.  All rubbers on tank, side covers, footrests, battery box, boot breather tubes, everything you can think of we replaced with new even if they were ok so you can imagine how many parts I have in the shed.   Bloody boxes of them.
The Motor has 32000km on the clock.   It's a genuine mileage as I have met both previous
owners.    We put in a new starter kit, fitted a Newtronics electronic ignition system, a new seat with all new hinges, catches, rubbers, and helmet lock.   We then had the motor dyno tuned and she is strong as a rock.
Finally the side and centre stands came off and repainted bolts and washers and all rubbers and springs replaced.

Another XS hits the road in all its glory long live the mighty Yamaha XS.

I hope this sort of tells the story of how I restored my 1979 XS650 Special.   Now I am off to work to try and make some of that money back as my wife has this look of anger when I say anything about the bike.
Rick Kubala
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