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Hi all.    I took my first ride on my 1971 XS1B on Tues., July 1st.  Canada Day. 

It has been a long time  coming.   A bit of history is in order.   I bought the bike new in Southern Ontario in July 1971.   I rode it up north to go to university and stayed here in the Manitoulin Island area.    I got into other things (career, family, divorce, etc.) and a few other bikes (1961 BMW R60/2  and a 1999 Honda  Ace  1100 cc cruiser)  and parked the XS1B for 13 yr.   (1987 to 2000)    In July 2000 we took a 2 week tour on the Ace and after being back a week, I had a stroke.  I was in the hospital and rehab units for seven weeks.   I got lucky and did not die.   I went from being paralyzed during the first week to relying heavily on a cane to walk.   I decided that I needed a rehab project because at age 52 yr.,  I was finished my "working for money " job and was put on L.T.D.   Enter my old 1971 650.   I had some friends help me get it into a porch for the winter and I started the clean up job with a toothbrush and Autosol.   This was both my penance for letting it get so rough and my rehab project to bring it back to life.   One result of the stroke is a fatigue problem and a bad right leg ( about 70% non-functional) so after a repaint on the frame, a new paint job on the rest (tank, shocks, etc.) new tires, battery, chain, petcock re-build kits and new cables, I finally got to go for a ride on Canada Day.   It is exactly 32 yr. in July since I bought it, and 3 yr. in July since my stroke.   Oh what a feeling!!   It was a real trip in the past I tell you.   My step-son came with me and I let him take it for a spin.   He loved the sound, the torque and the style but was less impressed with the handling and vibration.   He has a 2003 Suzuki Bandit, go figure.   I tried to explain to him about the bike being as old as he was but he still wasn't thrilled with the vibration.   Anyway, I am major happy and will now ride it and continue to finish it off while I enjoy it.   I still need tank badges (Mike's at the end of July) and maybe mufflers. How do I get a picture on to the Hall of Fame?   I took one this morning with a digital camera and it is still sitting on my desk top.  Thanks for being here.
This group provides some great motivation.

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