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I bought the bike about 2 months ago.  It only had 6,999 original miles on it.   However, it also had 23 years of neglect and GRUNGE all over it!   I rode it home and it actually ran fairly well, but the front brake failed about a mile from home and the turn signals took a dump at the same time.   I spent the 1st month cleaning, polishing and repainting things while I disassembled the engine to replace all of the upper end gaskets and seals.   To my astonishment, she fired right up on the first try and runs better every time I start her.   No work done on the carbs yet.    I think if it ain't broke, don't fix it!   I have a total of about $1,500 US invested now and it's worth every dime in satisfaction.   Nice to know that I can redo a motor successfully on the first try!

Mark in Phoenix
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