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Hello, my name is Maciej Dudek.  I became an XS enjoyer in late ‘02 and an XS rider in ’03.   It is my intention to keep this bike forever.

When me and my Mom moved from Chicago to Miami, I found out that her boyfriend had an old “bike” laying around under rotted plywood and a whole mess of garbage which had been thrown over it after a shed got destroyed during hurricane Andrew.  The bike hadn’t run for 15 years, even though many others had made plenty of attempts in the past.  I didn’t know what bike it was except for the word Yamaha on the crankcase and I wasn’t very interested in bikes back then either.

After looking through Cycle Trader, I thought it was an XS650.  I did some research on the internet and found out that it was an ‘81 SH- A Special.  So I went after it: my goal was to get it back to operating shape.  The reason the bike had been thrown in the shed was a blown rear wheel bearing.  Surprisingly the engine wasn’t seized after 15 years in the humid weather of Miami!  I then discovered the Yamaha 650 Mailing List….. A dream come true for a guy like me.   So from there it has been countless hours, cleaning, replacing parts, tweaking and just taking things apart and putting them back together.   And just plain fun and enjoyment with many frustrations in between ;-).  The bike currently has 26k miles and it had 19k when I discovered it.  I did a top end rebuild including piston rings and cylinder honing with guidance from the 650 list.  The bike runs reliably now but it’s always a work in progress.  I really enjoy it for its simplicity and ease of working on.  I’m enjoying every second of riding it, mostly because I brought it up from the dead or soon to be if I hadn’t discovered it.

“The list” is an incredible place that’s warm, inviting and a source of incredible knowledge coming from a group of real individualists.

Let the spirit fly.

How it was when I found it.



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I was the only one with an "older" bike in a never ending crowd of
shiny Honda-Davidsons and new sport bikes.

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