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I bought my XS650 2002 after some hunting in the local MC sources with the requirement list: maximum two cylinders, air cooled, bigger than 400 cc, an iron look, as little plastic as possible and not a "custom" look. Of course price was also the main issue. Twenty years later I got one.
Original Condition
autumn 2002 version
2003 version
2003 version
and the latest pic is a glimpse to what's currently happening in the garage
This picture was taken from nearby hill towards the lake of the shore I live. It was taken last sunday March 6, 2005 but today there was at least as many people enjoying sunshine (even in the cold wind of 20F) and the skate ring seen in the picture.
Jukka Toukonen
Attached is a bit old but still quite look-a-like pic of myself (at year 2002)
Finnish XS650ers

Another pic is of the Finnish XS650ers riders. (I'm the leftmost and my
XS650 at last summer shape is also the leftmost one.) We gather about four times a year together at some ride or "rally" (weekend long MC gathering).

Another interesting issue is that Veteran MC guys seem to favour
motorcycles they fancied at their teens. I must admit also that in the beginning of the eighties I was drooling for Yamaha XS650 late standards (and riding a 1973 Honda 350 twin).

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