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Above photo is of a chrome moly "VMC" dirt track race frame that has been "mono shocked". The motor is an 800cc'ed Yamaha 650 vert twin that is rephased to 277 degrees of crank rotation firing one cylinder and then rotating about 90 degrees and firing the other. It makes 100 ft.lbs. of torque and 90 horsepower at the rear wheel. It utilizes a "UJ" ported head, race type valve springs, special "slipper style" pistons, "533" length custom Carillo rods, Nikasil lined bores, external oil cooler, "UP" style exhaust pipes (right side) with megaphones. Finished bike will have dirt track style body work and minimal "LED" style streetable lighting. Bike should weigh 300 lbs or not much more when street rideable. This will be a very scary streetbike.

Note to editor: "VMC" is the name of our race frame fabrication company, owned by Mr. Douglas Horner who also owns "Team Slideways" dirt track race team

This is the "grandmother" of all of our race bikes. It's an original nickel plated vintage Champion race frame with the first 750cc'd "Big Bang" motor that I built. It fires both cylinders at the same time. It's like riding a 750CC'd single cylinder motorcycle. It makes a ton of torque. Starting line launches are done in third gear. Engine braking, going into the turns negates the use of any braking whatsoever. It has six hard race seasons on it with minor maintenance and runs like new. It never turns more than 6K rpms due to it's torque output and handles like a dream. We love this bike.
Suzuki TL1000 dirt track racer. Very scary fast. Too much horsepower, even though we added six pounds to the crankshaft. Can't hook it up. We built another one that is fuel injected. It won't hook either. It's being transformed into a streetbike.
This girl is special to us. She was conceived as a show bike and I think you'll agree she is just that. She's built on one of our "VMC" triumph race frames (chrome moly) that has been hand polished to it's shiny beauty, not nickel plated. The motor is a 750 w/four speeder and not an all out racer motor, but no slouch. It'll run like hell won't have it. This bike gets raced about twice yearly. This bike has won concourse awards at AMA bike shows and we are very proud of her. She was mostly built at "Ace Classic Cycles" in Shreve Ohio by our brother Steve Benson.
Some more gems...

I just got our new 1000cc'ed, 270 crank triumph grand national dirt tracker race bike fired up. Sounds bitchin! Dyno runs on this coming tuesday evening. I got pics if anyone is interested in seeing it. Gonna race it at the upcoming Lima Ohio event in two weeks. R.J Overholt will be our rider at this event. UJ

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