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Here is my 81 XS650SH..I traded a guy a .22 rifle for it.   It was sitting in weeds behind his house.  No seat, no instruments, no iggy switch.  Wiring all screwed up, no air boxes, carbs bad.  With ebay and Don Sundby, I have it looking like a M/C.  Redid carbs Don sent me and after a lot of cleaning and work, the bike fired right up. It ran on one side only; but after cleaning carbs again and again it now runs on both sides.  I used a "homemade balancing" rig and got carbs balanced.  Still need a rotor for charging system.  I've been picking up stuff on ebay that I will need later.

Last item was a set of airboxes with almost new filters for 5 bucks + shipping so I took pods off....

Still have oil leak in between cylinders in front. Probably head gasket.  Will pull engine next..

John DuPont
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