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I have successfully revived the old 77 XS that was suffering  from terminal wiring harness problems.    With the list's help I managed to rewire it using the electronic ignition and solid state reg/rec off a newer donor carcass.   I eliminated the electric start and added only the headlight (hi/lo) and taillight/brakelight.   
It started second kick.    :-)


So to finish the project I added a 1970 gas tank, Suzuki Hustler headlight, Honda 350 (I think) speedo, a tail-light from the tail-light box, a homemade seat pan/seat, some aluminum side-covers, K&N filters, and I shrunk the battery box to hold a small 4 ah battery.    Then I hit the whole works with semi-gloss black.   It looks OK I think.   I drilled out the main jets and raised the needles in the carbs when I had them apart for cleaning and it seems spot on.

 Joe Allan

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