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My 78 Special "Sidecar"

My 78 Special sidecar has gotten a bit more "Special" over the last few years.

When I first built it, it had a 750 cc rephased parallel twin Yamaha 650 motor in it. 

Now it's powered by an XV 920 Parallel twin, but it is a Yamaha twin. 

It was nice and shiny and I kept it gleaming, running sweet and ultra clean.   I used it as an every day bike for a while but it soon became a "Rally" bike.   A motorcycle rally (in Australia) is generally an event held on a weekend somewhere quite difficult to get to and as far from any signs of civilisation as possible.   There are a few rallyists over here who go for the more grotty, purposeful but reliable bike which is easy to fix anywhere and which can go just about anywhere.  

I've added a few pics below which show the "Black Bike" as it looks now in its natural habitat.




This is Claude's bike.   I hope that one day when the Black Bike grows up, it will look something like it.


 My 71 XS1B
Story about the rise and fall of the "Yella Bike" is here.
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