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 A picture of my XS650 1980 Special II as it was when i bought it.


My "Junkyard Dog", a 1979 Special.
Purchased June 14, 2005


Sidecar I purchased 2/16/05
Called a Thompson Cyclecar
'67 Triumph Tiger 500 I restored in 1980.
This picture was in my house when it burned down. I have no other.
1948 Harley 74
1948 Harley 74. This is not my bike. Mine was Army brown and I do believe
the seat was a larger bucket for two passengers. It had the hinged rear fender
like this one with clutch on the floor and shifter on the tank. All my pictures are
gone in the fire so I use these to remember my bike.
Original 1971 Harley Elecra-Glide
Again, my photos are lost. However, other that the touring box behind the passenger
this is almost exactly the same as my new 1971. Mine was white with red and blue stripes.
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