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I finally found pictures of the "Lowrider" that my friend, Jeff Dickau, built for his wife, with a little input from me. It started off as a chopper with 4" over forks and square exhaust on it--sorry I don't have pictures of from that time! It's a `75 XS650B with `81 Special tank, fenders and carbs. Jeff made a fantastic, "Pour-A-Seat", seat that just snugs up to the frame rails all the way around and allows it to ride without any additional hardware to secure it. All extraneous bracketry was ground off of the frame, including the center stand pivot.  

When she bought a Honda Shadow, I bought it from him, and did a little more "personalization".
I ran a small tachometer and a Sigma bicycle computer that I bought from Aerostich. It's light, given all the extra steel that was removed, lowered with JC Whitney lowering blocks in the rear and I dropped the triple trees in front by five-eighths of an inch so that handling wasn't adversely affected (except cornering clearance.

It is a low rider after all!).


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